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Tealight Candles

Tea-light candles, renowned for their small and shallow nature, are delicately nestled within a protective metal or plastic vessel. These compact luminaries are celebrated for their ability to create a gentle glow, making them a beloved choice for enhancing the ambiance of a space, decorative purposes, promoting tranquility, and serving various other functions. Tea lights proudly boast versatility and widespread availability, making them a cherished option for any occasion. These candles come in both unscented and scented variants, catering to diverse preferences. Unscented tea lights are excellently suited for those seeking a serene radiance without the addition of any fragrance. Conversely, scented tea lights offer a restrained, yet delightful aroma, often deployed to induce relaxation, uplift moods, or infuse a small area with a pleasant fragrance.

    Glass Container: New Collection
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